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Imaginove international, partnership with SouthAfrica

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Imaginove / South Africa Partnership

The international expansion of companies is a crucial point, and the main regions usually targeted are North America, northern Europe and Asia.

But every once in a while surprises occur. South Africa, a land not identified by many stakeholders until now but one which exemplifies powerful dynamism, is striving to make itself known to French companies.

In this vein, for the 2012 Kunjanimation festival organized by several highly-energetic South African studios, the French Caribara and Foliascope studios were invited to Cape Town to attend the event and benefit from organized studio tours and networking meetings.

In order to anchor the sustainability of these contacts and ensure that real business relationships result from them, Imaginove has committed to strengthening ties with identical entities and to proposing concrete operations between its cluster’s members and South African companies. As such, French and South African businesses met together at the French Toast, a business rendezvous held during the Mifa. Moreover, Imaginove will travel to the 2013 Kunjanimation festival in South Africa, together with CITIA, accompanied by representative companies chosen by the South African contingent.

more information about Imaginove's partnership: msoufflot@imaginove.fr

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