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11 French companies and a research institute to attend the 40th SIGGRAPH in Anaheim (California)

Federated under the overarching banner of Cap Digital and Imaginove, these SMEs will present their innovations at the world’s top event for digital images and interactive technologies, to be held this July 23-25, with 20,000 participants expected.


Imaginove and Cap Digital are the 2 French clusters dedicated to the digital content and services, and their two regions, Ile-de-France and Rhône-Alpes, cover the near-totality of operations in these fields. They have joined forces to present the best of French innovations in content creation, service provision and marketing of software and materials for the most advanced sectors of the digital world: CGI animation, special effects, augmented reality, video gaming, new contents generation for mobile devices, robotics, and more.
Through their presence at SIGGRAPH these companies gain a fantastic opportunity to enhance their visibility so as to set up partnerships on an international scale and conquer new markets. This event represents a real springboard for the youngest start-ups which generate a major portion of their turnover every year on the spot, thanks to meetings with players from the world over.

Aerys introduces Minko, a technology to develop and design rich, interactive and universal 3D applications optimized for the web and mobile platforms.

Augment is a mobile app to easily visualize 3D models in Augmented Reality.

Black Ink unleashes a new kind of computer drawing with its non-realistic tools and unprecedented technology. Discover the power of generative art!

Performer is Dynamixyz’ award-winning video-based facial capture and analysis solution, delivering unsurpassed raw animation and unique real-time capability.

Golaem develops Golaem Crowd, an artist-friendly tool to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands.

The Inria researchers, part of the only French public research institute entirely consecrated to digital sciences, are inventing the digital technologies of tomorrow.

• Create 360-degree videos, interactive virtual tours & gigapixel images with Kolor's panoramic imagery solutions.

ISKN, a startup whose mission is to combine the natural-experience feel of your familiar tools, pen and paper, with the power of digital technology, now presents: iSketchnote, an augmented white board, and 3D tools.

Mercenaries Engineering is dedicated to developing high-end innovative production software specifically designed for the animation and VFX industries.

• As a major French post-production house, Mikros Image will show its latest work in commercials and feature films, empowered with in-house tools and techniques.

Motion Tree creates Rich Video tools for creative minds

• Founded in 2009, Sculpteo offers customers a fully-online 3D printing service and the opportunity to convert 3D files into 3D printed objects.


SIGGRAPH is organized by the oldest and largest international digital association - the Association for Computing Machinery - ACM, with 100,000 members. The 2013 event is hosting a trade fair, an exhibition of innovative projects "Emerging Technologies" and top-level scientific conferences with world leaders in special effects, animation, video games and the Web, such as Dreamworks, Pixar, Autodesk and Google....
About Cap Digital
Established as a non-profit organization, Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital contents and services. It is trusted by over 700 valued members: 650 innovative SMEs, 20 major corporations, 50 institutions of higher education and 10 capital investors.
Cap Digital is working to make the Paris region one of the world's digital leaders, from both an industrial and strategic point of view. Its role in stimulating the development of R & D, company growth, the networking of its members and their international promotion fosters the creativity and competitiveness of this important industrial sector.
www.capdigital.com // futur-en-seine.fr

About Imaginove
Imaginove is a Competitiveness Cluster in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, which encourages
synergies and cross-functional collaboration between various sectors of the digital content industry (videogames, animation, cinema, multimedia…).
Imaginove offers support to economic players in three main areas: innovation, enterprise growth and skills development. For each area the cluster proposes collective actions and customized support including technical workshops, individual strategic improvement programs, training, help with project applications, funding and cultivating networks. Imaginove also provides cross-cutting services such as business intelligence, information and communication.

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